Yahweh is my enemy

I hate Yahweh – with a passion. But I forgive 70×7 times the people who created this repulsive, elitist, psychotic god, who teaches us that slavery and genocide are A-OK.

To date, I have found only one thing that I share with this psychotic god –

we both hate whiners. I trust that this does not make me as psycho as Yahweh is.

PS: since Allah is Yahweh on steroids, I hate Allah more. I also forgive the people who outdid the psycho creator of the super-psycho Yahweh.


A Nietzschean medicine

is a poison that if it does not kill you, it makes you stronger.

Was the medicinal conifer tea of arbor vitae that mysteriously and quickly cured Cartier’s sailors of scurvy and syphilis a Nietzschean medicine?

Compare the story of Mithridates VI, the King of Pontus, who used ever increasing doses of poison to give him immunity to ordinary doses of the poison. He used poison and made it act like a medicine.

Poison: Medicine = two sides of the same coin, as are dying: becoming stronger.

To heal, and in general, to become stronger, one must sometimes almost die. The cure for a malady may well proceed through tremendous torment.

Thanks to the imperfections of scientists, even science is mostly rubbish

Rule: as practiced by scientists, words (terms) have ambiguous meanings.

Exception: a handful of rigorously defined terms.

Consider that in science (genuine knowledge) a word (a term) must have the same meaning. Not true in art – art thrives on ambiguity.

Consider the word “cause.”

In these two statements it must mean the same thing.

1. The motion of the cue ball causes the motion of the 8 ball.
2. The cause of death was Salmonella food poisoning.

In statement 1, the word “causes” is close to “completely responsible for.”
It conveys the notions of sufficiency(S), immediacy(I), and necessity(N), SIN for short. This is close to being true: transfer of momentum is not quite instantaneous. Air resistance and the friction of the billiard table contribute to the observed motion. The term “drives” is better – the driver of the effect is primarily responsible for the effect. There cannot be two drivers – if neither is primarily responsible, then they are both contributors to the effect. A contributor is NOT primarily responsible for the effect.

In statement 2, the word cause has a different meaning. It cannot mean what it does in statement 1. Death from Salmonella food poisoning is not even close to immediate. Death is not necessary, as the majority of people survive bouts of Salmonella food poisoning. The Salmonella food poisoning is not sufficient to cause death. The Salmonella challenges our defenses, and those people whose defenses were not up to the challenge succumb. Their weaknesses drive their own deaths. Salmonella was a challenge, a contributor. Personal weaknesses drove the death, and nothing, and I mean nothing, caused their deaths.

The logic of science

If any assertion of any kind is contradicted by reliable data, it is wrong.

The assertion must be corrected, unless the data are subsequently corrected.

If the assertion fits ALL of the available data, it might be right.

Tentative acceptance.

As time passes, if the assertion continues to fit all of the available data, and makes useful predictions, there is greater acceptance.

In no case is their blind faith in the truth of the assertion, unless, in the meantime, the assertion is shown to be true by definition.


The most important terms are the ones we leave undefined

Neither scientists nor philosophers define important terms adequately.

For example, Aristotle never defined the term “cause” adequately before launching into categorizing all of the different ways the term is used, in a way enshrining all of the intellectual confusions people have with this term. What we needed from Aristotle was criticism of the superficiality of all of this nonsense. A poet making fun of all of this self-important nonsense re Causation would have been more informative. Aristotle’s “four causes” multiplies confusion. There are likely no causes in nature, not four every time we think we have identified one.

Thinkers are sloppy by nature; so this is expected.

But it may also be deliberate – it allows them to claim more for their discoveries, and in some cases get away with it.

“HIV causes AIDS” – millions of research dollars would never have been given to “HIV initiates immunodeficiency in the immunocompetent and it exacerbates immunodeficiency in those already immuno-deficient.” – the latter view of HIV and AIDS being my modest attempt to get at the plain truth.

There is no cause of sickle cell anemia

By definition, the cause of an effect is completely responsible for it. Thus, there cannot be two or more causes. The phrase “a cause” is a contradiction in terms. Removal of the cause of a malady cures ALL people of ALL aspects of the condition.

By definition, the driver of an effect is predominately responsible for it. Thus, there cannot possibly be two drivers of an effect, although when apparent drivers interact, and when each is studied independently, each can appear to be predominately responsible for the effect. In reality, both apparent drivers are contributors. With the exception of interacting “drivers”, the phrase “a driver” is a contradiction in terms. Removal of the driver of a medical condition approaches a cure of the condition.

By definition, a contributor to some effect is partly responsible for it. Removal of a contributor alleviates the condition.

There can be only one cause and only one driver. If there is a driver, there must also be at least one contributor. There can be any number of contributors along with one driver, and there must be two or more contributors when there is no driver and no cause.

Statistics and common sense tell us that in nature there are many more correlates than contributors and many more contributors than drivers, and many more drivers than causes.

The genetic mutation in the Beta globin gene is the driver of sickle cell anemia, not the cause of sickle cell anemia.

The mere existence of a wide range of phenotypes of those who suffer from the disease says that there is more to this disease than this genetic mutation, this driver, this common denominator, this defining characteristic, this challenge, the mutation being the challenging problem that sets up a whole lot of other problems.

The fact that there are mild cases of sickle cell anemia says either that the genetic lesion itself -the driver- is not so bad as imagined or that other things can ameliorate the condition.

If those suffering the worst cases of the disease were cured of the driver, they would not be restored to ordinary levels of health. They have other maladies that make their disease so much worse than average.

“The cause of sickle cell anemia” is a phrase that approaches reality only in those with the mildest forms of the disease. If this one malady were reversed, their health would be much, much better, though never perfect. Perfect health does not exist.