A computer program to improve scientific writing

The statement ‘HIV causes AIDS’ is an oft-quoted example of an unempirical overstatement.

If a person is already immune-deficient, HIV aggravates his immunodeficiency.

If a person is immunocompetent, HIV initiates and promotes immunodeficiency.

I have written a program in Python that highlights unempirical words for replacement or removal.

Using it will improve scientific writing and make it more concise. I’m going to use it to rewrite my own blog posts to reduce emotional overstatements that I myself have been making.

I dare say many people need this tool to improve the accuracy of their writing, maybe even nearly everyone needs this; not everyone – ‘everyone’ is an unempirical word.

Of all the unempirical words and notions, causation and other causal terms are the most noxious. They are overused, overstated, and verbose.