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I received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 1983 from The Ohio State University. After a sixteen year career researching and developing rapid, ultra-sensitive, quantitative DNA probe assays for the diagnosis and prognosis of deadly diseases, I have been researching and developing meals with optimal nutrition since 2000. Along the way I have also published many other books dealing with nutrition and general philosophical issues. See my Amazon, my Barnes and Noble, or my Smashwords links.

Fighing cancer

Only a weakened body gets cancer. The multiple immune system failures to kill the tumor at each stage of its development tells us this.

While no body is ready to beat cancer, a stronger body fights cancer better than a weaker one.

Above All Do No Harm and Common Sense suggest the same course:

Strengthen the body: Infuse massive doses of everything it needs, everything it is trying to absorb through its digestive tract to give it the best chance of healing itself.

And do not forget controlled fever!

What do most doctors do? The majority, the greedy doctors, pursue patentable medications. Worthless to us, lucrative for them. And of course they attack orthomolecular medicine as quackery.


Prevention of celiac disease?

Several grains contain storage proteins called prolamines, hard to digest proteins rich in proline and glutamine. When the grain is milled and bread made, the enzymes in the grains are destroyed by the extreme heat.

The grains must possess enzymes to break down these storage proteins – why not isolate the relevant enzymes from raw grains, clone their genes, and use recombinant DNA technology to produce enzymes capable of digesting these proteins. Then add these enzymes to supplements to reduce the titer of these proteins before they create problems in the small intestine.

In addition, reduce total wheat consumption – it is just ridiculous how much wheat is added to processed foods. Always use blends of grains – in that way the toxins present in any one are diluted by matter from the others.

The easiest way to win an argument

Don’t start it, but if you find yourself embroiled in one, tacitly assume what you are trying to prove. If others do not notice the subterfuge, you will win, unless they skillfully use illogic and made-up evidence against you.

In the proofs of the immortality of the human soul, there is a tacit definition:

soul = life

First off, with that definition, the soul itself cannot die, any more that life itself can die. While a person has an embodied soul, he is alive and when he dies, his soul leaves him, and goes to another world like limbo or into a lifeless body, giving it life. Only a “completely lifeless body” has no meaning until the body has died and also every cell that composes it dies.

Once it was discovered that the human body is composed of trillions of living cells, the definition soul = life requires that each of us possess trillions of souls, a bit of an accounting nightmare. When a skin cell dies, its soul must give life to a lifeless skin cell that replaces it – only we know that that cell comes from cell division of either a neighboring cell or a stem cell. When a cell divides, it appears to create two souls out of one, another accounting nightmare.

Why no marked placebo effects in drugs for type II diabetes

Because there are objective measures for the condition – fasting blood glucose > 126 g/dL and a failure to normalize glucose levels within 2 hours in a glucose tolerance test.

Ignore the fact that blood glucose is not what one wants to measure.

One cannot make one’s blood sugar lower by imagining it to be so.

Thus, the absence of significant placebo effects in drugs for type II diabetes, way above the usual amount, is not evidence against the primarily psychosomatic origin of type II diabetes.

Nearly the same can be said for hypertension, although one can certainly affect BP by what is going on in one’s mind – both lower and higher values are achievable by altering mental states.

Modern philosophers do not get it

Modern philosophers, Justus Buchler being an exception, do not get it – the question is not whether god exists or not. The idea of god does exist, most definitely, and in over 4,000 different versions, and god is one’s “invisible friend,” one’s guardian angel, one’s avenger, one’s role model or in some cases, one’s definition of perfection.

But by definition, perfection cannot exist, for to exist is to be limited in every way, to be only so intelligent, only so knowledgeable, only so healthy, only so moral, and only so tall and strong.

In addition, to be a living existent is limited by being mortal. Immortal gods of any kind, even the Greek gods, cannot be. All that lives must die or it is not truly alive. Immortality has to be created artificially, such as by continually replacing mechanical bodies long before they give out, as I did in my imagination, for the zetosophers.

To have a profound effect on the mind, something does not have to exist, does not have to be living, does not have to be real. Look at the inspiration, positive and negative, people derive from Fiction. Religions are a type or class of fiction. Profound effect on the mind, even though the subject of religious fictions, a fictitious god or gods, does not actually exist or possess immortal life.

Look also at human illness, mental and physical, whose root is mostly psychosomatic, all the products of imagination, although there is a somatic contribution in the form of toxins exploiting exploitable weaknesses in the body and/or brain. Psychosomatic effects have a huge effect on health, yet they are not really real. Who cares?

The same goes for one’s gods. One’s concepts of god are all the reality one needs.

We draw inspiration from our concepts of god, and that is what is truly important. I love Aaron’s god, and am inspired by him, and I am repulsed by Moses’ god, whom others so dearly love – and fear: these facts define me as well as any other loves and any other dislikes. I am inspired by Jesus, one of Christian trinity, to love my enemies, to do good to those who hurt me. Love is the only antidote to hatred. Hatred is a poison to the soul. Hatred punishes the hater as much or more than the hated. Love heals like no other force. Negative emotions (including anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, guilt), in general are worse than useless emotions –  they are poison for the mind. We need to rid ourselves of these harmful poisons. Jesus is an inspiration in this, although he did not do so well with the Pharisees. Gandhi and MLK are more modern examples of a love that is strong enough to conquer hate and free a people.

Rule: Illness = somatic + psychosomatic

Pure somatic illness is a bit of a myth, as is pure psychosomatic illness.

By rule, real illness is both – health problems with the body and health problems with the mind. Problems make a vicious cycle – a person with psych problems will not take care of his body properly and a person with poor nutritional status, poor sleep, poor exercise habits is more likely to experience progressively worsening psych problems.

Health problems can be modeled as a superposition, according to my oft used formula, with a minimum two aggregated super-variables, psych problems (x1) and somatic problems (x2):

Health problems = p*x1 + (1-p)*x2