Rule: People are either not insane or not sane

Recall my convenient distinction of the six degrees of a quantifiable quality, in this case, applied to sanity:

  1. very insane – 2. insane – 3. not insane – 4. not sane – 5. sane – 6. very sane
  2. Since so many independent processes have to be just right for true sanity, I doubt there are any level 6 people. Maybe there never were any.
  3. The distribution is left-tailed (there are level 1 people, and some who are not institutionalized).
  4. People are mostly 3s and 4s and there are more 2s than 5s.

Evidence: the least sane, the most mentally unbalanced writers are the most read and the most listened to.

The more outrageous their ideas the more popular they are.

Big lies and big exaggerations are more readily believed, given the lack of sanity of the audience (the complete absence of 6s, the dearth of 5s).


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