Harder than finding a needle in a haystack

Finding a needle in the wrong haystack.

So many thinkers have bad instincts. As a rule, they look for needles in the wrong haystacks. Admittedly, a good thinker does so on occasion.

Trying to make LDL cholesterol somehow “bad cholesterol” is an egregious example. A molecule most welcome to the cells of the body for its wonderful payloads, including cholesterol, CoQ10, vitamin E and vitamin K (although chylomicrons and chylomicron remnants carry most of the K), LDL cholesterol cannot possibly be bad. However, it can become damaged and that damaged molecule can do harm.

But do not seek the solution to this problem in the wrong haystack. Do not seek to lower LDL cholesterol using drugs.

The right haystack to look for the solution:

Try to limit the production of adulterants and increase their turnover, both by natural means. If methyl glyoxal is such an adulterant of LDL cholesterol, look to reducing sugar and refined starch intake, and look to the proper running of glycolysis, Krebs, and OXPHOS. Study the metabolism of adulterants in affected individuals and normalize by natural means – proper nutrition and sensible, well-balanced supplementation.


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