My last words

I thought I would write my last words while I am still lucid enough.

These are the ironic last words I would speak if I am able. It sums up everything that I, as an empiricist, believe in with reservations, and what I do not believe in. The words are:

“Non cogito, ergo – non sum.”

Unlike Descartes’ “cogito, ergo sum” – the oft-praised exception to the rule – something that was true for a cosmic blip and false forever more and for all time before Descartes. Man loves exceptions and he fears certain rules. But rules rule and by nature exceptions must pay homage to rules. A test of a person’s rationality: when he/she learns to favor rules, no matter how painful at first, and disfavor exceptions.

My statement is the rule: True for all time, as you will never ever find any empirical evidence of a single thought that I had after I am gone and absolutely none before I was born, actually before the age of reason.

I think I began genuine thinking when I derived my algorithm for finding integer and half-integer right triangles at the age of eight:

A*A = B + C, where A is the shortest leg of a right triangle and C is the longest leg, the hypotenuse.

I began serious thinking in the 11th grade, at the age of 16, in the years 1970-1971, when I took a Humanities course in High School, which emphasised Greek literature and philosophy, with my esteemed teacher, Mr. Paul Houser, Doctor of Divinity. I still love and thank that man!

I was a non-thinking little boy before that.


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