A pithy statement of the vitamin C problem

The body aggressively absorbs vitamin C like a precious nutrient, but rapidly excretes the excess like a dangerous toxin.

In between, it circulated the vitamin C throughout the aqueous compartments of the body and retained what little it needed. This is what needs explanation – a sensible scientific model is just the beginning.

A model in which vitamin C does its most important work in the urinary system is immediately suggested, even if it ultimately proves wrong.

A scientist who assumes that whatever ends up in the urinary waste stream is simply waste or simply toxic would be simply naïve. The urinary stream contains valuable substances to the urinary system and to the urinary stream itself. Magnesium, citrate and vitamin C are three such substances, all present in citrus fruits, which the body -and the urinary system in particular- makes good uses of, when given sufficient dietary excess.

We would not be here if the body was so simple “minded” as most scientists are.


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