Is it possible that all animals are our equals? Are our betters?

I have outlined a mathematical proof that all people are more or less equal. Not created equal, but people are born equal and no matter how hard we try to separate ourselves from the mass of people, people die more or less equal.

The proof needs work and the importance of this topic cannot be overestimated. If the elitists are right, what foundation is there for moral behavior? Theirs? Give me a break. They would kill or enslave the rest of us if they could.

Is the same basic equality true for all animals? Are they our equals? And, more objectively, are they our betters? Are at least some of them our betters?

Are we objective enough to even give such questions a fair trial? The best of judges may be, but the rest of us show poor judgment throughout our lives. Poor judgment is another defining characteristic of man.


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