Problems with peer review

As a former reviewer of scientific articles, I am aware of a lot of problems with published papers that the lay public is not, and I have had editors publish papers with flaws I detected, and some I even corrected, and the authors were not required to correct the flaws, but there is one problem with peer review that even scientists are unaware of.

Peer reviewers have been drinking the Kool-Aid. They are insiders. They have the same blind spots that the writers of the papers have. What is needed is some outside reviews.

Outsiders can see things no insider can see or even hope to see. As insiders, peer reviewers are not likely to see this problem, a problem invisible to them, glaring and obvious to outsiders.

My blog is filled with examples of things that I can see in other fields because I am an outsider looking in. I see things that I can agree to in every field, and I see things that I cannot believe the insiders are not seeing.

For example: the role of glucose demand in type II diabetes. How can one even discuss insulin resistance without referencing glucose demand? It’s an insane omission, an obvious intellectual flaw.

Etc. etc. I could go on and on.


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