Predictions and observations: the ADA

The American Dental Association says that dental hygiene and regular dental checkups are the sole protection against tooth decay (irreversible) and gum disease (mostly irreversible). If they even mention eating right, it is largely the advice to avoid soda and sugary treats.

If what they say were true, then EVERY skeleton of prehistoric people so far found and of course EVERY member of the primitive cultures Weston Price visited would show evidence of serious tooth decay.

Every exception to what they say is a killer counterexample and we need only one.

They do not – tooth decay and gum disease were negligible in Weston Price’s “primitive peoples”, as his data and his photos show, and only some skeletons of prehistoric people have serious tooth decay, entirely consistent with the predictions of Weston Price’s thesis – good nutrition is the best weapon, active 24×7, against tooth decay and gum disease. Some prehistoric people had some periods of rather poor nutrition and suffered irreversible tooth decay, and we occasionally detect this in some skeletons. But not everyone, and that is the key difference in the predictions of the two models.


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