Informed opinion

The re-election of a politician depends on both informed and uninformed opinion. Unfortunately, the uninformed has a voice, and sometimes they are a vociferous rabble, and they must not be silenced in any democracy.

Making better decisions, however, depends only on informed opinion.

Informed opinion is based on filtering data. I know it – abomination! How ironic that I must now support data filtration.

But consider what data we are filtering out to arrive at informed opinion:

  1. The clueless
  2. Liars
  3. Mentally unbalanced extremists
  4. All other bad things

So for example, a republican leader trying to make the best decision has to listen to “discerning democrats,” but not to extreme left wingers or extreme right wingers. He does not have to listen to those who are deliberately misleading pollsters (the liars) or to people who would fail a quiz on basic civics (the clueless).


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