The body tells us we are wrong over and over again: when are we going to listen?

The body is telling us we are wrong.

Give the body a squalene supplement and it efficiently absorbs it.

The body makes squalene and puts it to numerous good uses, but it does not make enough to meet its needs; “so” it tries to absorb whatever we give it.

Doctors prescribe statins to those who have high serum cholesterol, regardless of the reasons behind the high cholesterol. Doctors would mistakenly prescribe statins to those eating the traditional Polynesian diet.

Because statins inhibit our CoQ10 synthesis, doctors recommend that those on statins take CoQ10 (another substance the body readily absorbs “because” we do not make enough of it). What about all of the other important products made by the mevalonate pathway?

Including squalene.

Including dolichols. Want to bet the body avidly absorbs these too?

Including isoprenyls.

Including so many other useful compounds.

When are we going to get a clue? Equivalently, when are we going to take our clues from what the body is doing?


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