Intellectual honesty

Both Freud and Walter Kaufmann praised Nietzsche for his exceptional intellectual honesty. Kaufmann also accused Nietzsche of being “myth intoxicated” – a judgement I would agree with and consequently I cannot possibly agree with exceptional intellectual honesty.

Off the top of my head I cannot think of a greater dishonesty than that underlying the false and mathematically impossible idea of the eternal recurrence – namely that there can be a person with no regrets, as Nietzsche claimed for Goethe. Utter nonsense, anyone claiming to be without regrets is a paragon among liars.

Empirical evidence that he was not: a person of exceptional intellectual honesty who is also reasonably intelligent, courageous, creative, and sufficiently fastidious in his thinking would have uncovered more truths. In particular, he would not have been so outrageously wrong so often as Nietzsche was, in his “myth intoxication.”

If my thoughts are found to be as dead wrong as Nietzsche’s, then I was as intellectually dishonest as he was, because I am both intelligent (I routinely score > 140 in standardized IQ tests) and sufficiently fastidious about intellectual matters to discover truths invisible to others, even those with higher IQ scores. I have already proven my courage to speak up and say things that are downright unpopular and my creativity is not in question.

I don’t give a tinker’s damn about other people’s criticisms, unless they include carefully cross-checked data that flat-out contradict my positions. To hell with their idiotic contrary opinions if their positions are flat-out contradicted by carefully cross-checked scientific data. Intellectual honesty is the only ingredient in question. Perhaps I am just as dishonest and “myth intoxicated” as Nietzsche was. As for the majority of intellectuals, they are as bad as Nietzsche. Liars and scoundrels!


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