Paladin of a hopeless cause

I am a paladin of a hopeless cause – a lost cause because without changing human nature, intellectual honesty and goodness will never prevail. Agendas, data filtration, and all of the mendaciousness, phony elitism, exclusivity, petty sectarianism, and wickedness in and of itself and that wickedness associated with these practices prevail – in politics, in economics, in religion, in art, in philosophy, and in science – in short, in everything man does and in everything man thinks about.

If you think you have found honesty in a man, think again. An honest man is not one in ten thousand, as Hamlet asserts, but rather less than one in ten billion.


  1. If man became honest, would he have [necessarily] become good? Probably not – but better.
  2. If man became good, would he have [necessarily] become honest? Yes – to be truly good implies already being honest. Liars and self-deceivers may seem good, but true goodness eludes them.

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