A multi-pronged problem

  1. Temporary excessive calorie consumption – as this must have happened now and then in a state of nature, I assume the body has perfectly reasonable and functional programs to deal with this, albeit programs requiring critical amounts of important compounds (not just essential nutrients!) from the diet to work properly.
  2. Temporary important compound insufficiency – the same assumption, with the population percentile rankable for insufficiency for each and every important substance considered.
  3. Today #1 and #2 are more acute than ever before because of so much food processing, driven by the desire to make food taste better to the masses and to cost less.
  4. As both #1 and #2 move toward chronicity – problems develop, at least two-pronged, maybe more.
  5. The “healthy fat man” is he who suffers from a certain chronicity in #1 without suffering anywhere near as much as his fellow man from a certain chronicity in #2.

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