Why do we still read Nietzsche?

People who are good at math have keen insight into things, and people who are not good at math are screw ups. They cannot see things correctly if their life depended on it.

Nietzsche was un-mathematical and illogical in the extreme and his ignorance of math, logic, and science meant that his ideas are necessarily untenable.

If you are good at math and logic, you can guess my conclusion.

I believe that Nietzsche had in his own words (with which he insulted Kant) “instincts that err without fail.” Of all of the philosophers who are still read even today, Nietzsche was wrong about nearly everything:

  1. Radical elitism – mathematically disprovable, the superman, and hero worship.
    1. Even his choice of hero, the prototypical superman – Goethe, pales in comparison with a much greater and wiser man, Socrates
  2. Nihilism – he was dead wrong about this too, and he never considered mathematical nihilism.
  3. He was dead wrong about scientists – they deserve the highest respect as intellectuals, as truth-seekers and attackers of sham, more than saints, philosophers, and poets.
  4. Eternal recurrence – another mathematically impossible idea.
  5. Will-to-Power as the fundamental metaphysical reality – not even the most fundamental drive of mankind, if we even have just one most fundamental drive.
  6. If we are serious about finding truth, why do we even bother to read this guy’s ideas? – Am I missing something?

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