When the body disagrees vehemently with health authorities

Doctors tell us to eat no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day, yet if we eat 1,000 mg, the body absorbs 1000 mg of cholesterol. Why?

Health authorities tell us that we need no more than 100 mg of vitamin C no matter what is going on in our bodies. Yet if we consume grams of vitamin C, our bodies absorb it, and when we are sick our bodies absorb far more than vitamin C than when we are well. Why?

Some doctors treat fat in the diet as nearly toxic – they recommend extremely low fat diets. Why? Because when we eat low fat food, our bodies provide negative feedback (and when we overdo fat consumption, the body provides negative feedback as well):

  1. Our taste buds tell us that low fat food is bland (and food with too much fat tastes greasy).
  2. Our appetites make us feel hungry again shortly after eating low fat meals (while we can last hours longer with proper amounts of fat)
  3. Our germ killing ability in our stomachs may be seriously compromised by low fat dieting (at least so say in vitro experiments).
  4. We could develop deficiencies in essential fats (minimally 18:2 omega 6 and 18:3 omega 3s) and fat soluble nutrients (minimally vitamins A, D, E, and K).
  5. Our digestive tracts are configured [regardless of how we eat] to absorb a whopping 500 grams of fat a day.
  6. Our gall bladder may only discharge about half of its stored bile. Why does this matter? Dissolved in that bile are 10-20x concentrated toxins (less water-soluble toxins than what the liver discharges into the blood stream for the kidneys to dispose of) that the liver disposes of in bile, as part of the body’s toxic load balancing program.

Clearly the body disagrees with doctors on all of these counts and so many others, and while doctors know an awful lot, the body is a biochemical machine and thus the body knows absolutely nothing.

But the body is the product of 4 billion years of evolutionary pressures that sometimes favor survival of the fittest and at the very least always favors the culling of the weakest.

So maybe the know-nothing body is right and the know-it-all doctors and health experts need to take a lesson from the incredibly well-honed survival machine.


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