A world from nothing might just be attractive to theologians

Theologians puzzle over the thorny problems inherent in the idea that god created the world and everything in it.

Yet no one ever considers that god is off the hook as the ultimate source of a lot of evils – not just sins but all of the suffering even the best of men suffer needlessly from a parasitic and predatory nature, if we make one simple assumption, that the world came into existence on its own out nothing.

If that assumption is true, then certain things must also be true, and so far, experiments bear these out. The prediction of this theory of mathematical nihilism, that a single absolute reality does not exist, and that no one will ever propose such an absolute reality that will ever be universally accepted by pundits does not mean that there is no god, provided that god is defined simply as the noblest, most exalted, and best of all beings and perhaps the best of all possible beings, perhaps even an ideal yet to be realized.

To most theologians if god did not create the world, that would make god irrelevant, more irrelevant than Aristotle’s “prime mover” – but they forget that through revelation god could educate us to a higher standard and yes, god could still judge us on our efforts to become better people. Hopefully, these theologians would see that eternal punishment is infinite punishment and does not fit the finite nature of our crimes and sins, and that any being applying such punishments is not worthy of our devotion let alone our worship.


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