Another concern for vegans

As far as I know, plant food is low in choline, much lower than animal foods, making choline more or less “animal specific.” The highest plant food that I know of, a processed food, pure soya lecithin, has only about 350 mg of choline per 100 grams. Not even one day’s worth of choline, and I do not know a single vegan who consumes 100 grams of soya lecithin a day. By way of contrast, any omnivore eating 2 large eggs a day, about 100 grams of egg, is getting about 250 mg of choline and a whole lot more, including lots of methionine to make more choline, if necessary. The soya lecithin is rich in 18:2 omega 6 fat, some vitamin K, and not a lot else.

Worse, vegans are so overconfident about their diet that they almost never supplement. In truth, ironically, no single group of people need supplements more – not just b12, but choline, methionine, taurine, carnitine, carnosine, etc. etc.

Worse, even carnitine supplementation appears to be almost useless without sufficient choline.

Worse, even those who do supplement are not likely getting much choline. Despite being declared an essential nutrient in 1998, few multivitamin formulas have anywhere near a day’s supply of choline.



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