A note on autoimmunity

Autoimmunity may be normal immunity in that the tissue being destroyed has been marked, and it may be a residual mark, made correctly, way back when deficiencies -together with harmful excesses – had resulted in Franken-structures within a normal tissue. An example is the Franken-myelin that results from vitamin B12 deficiency. Nature overshoots and back-corrects repeatedly until it gets it right (like a histamine overshooting pulse; counteracted by lots of things, including constitutive vitamin C synthesis in animals that make their own) – applied to this case, this means that more tissue was originally marked for destruction than was necessary to remove the defective structures.

When tissue is destroyed by the immune system, the damage extends beyond the defective zone because of chronic deficiencies in our defense systems, headed by chronic vitamin C deficiency, and the extensive damage done by released chlorine bleach extracellularly in the matrix. With proper cellular levels of C, this bleach would have been largely destroyed before it exited immune cells and with proper extracellular levels of C, this bleach would have been inactivated before extensive damage was done there. Alas, we know better – we know for certain that 60-90 mg per day of vitamin C is sufficient for good health.


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