Is our habitual three meals a day plus snacks not forcing glucagon to work constitutively?

In a properly working body, insulin works, then decays, as glucagon comes online, then glucagon works, and decays as insulin begins dominating. The two hormones alternate, but each one dominates the activity at any particular time. In a properly functioning body, the only time both are active is when one is coming up and the other is in decline.

Each process in the body has its own speed limit. As any process approaches its speed limit, bad things begin to happen. If we artificially force any process to go faster than its speed limit, very bad things begin to happen. When we force glucagon, e.g., to get its work done in too short a period of time, forces at work within the body extend the time in which glucagon is active, and glucagon ends up active even while insulin is fully active, with bizarre diabetic consequences.

  1. Eating three times a day with snacks is a formula that heavily favors insulin.
  2. Eating once a day with no snacks may be a formula that favors glucagon.
  3. Does not #1 naturally lead to constitutive glucagon activity such as we see in type II diabetes? For example, autophagy -which is stimulated by glucagon- needs to occur to recycle cellular components – autophagy is vital, even critical during fasting and especially during starvation, but it needs to occur even when feasting all of the waking hours, as so many Americans do.
  4. Does #2 naturally lead to constitutive insulin expression? If so, it is too far the other way. We need a program that allows insulin and glucagon to have periods of clear dominance so that competing processes are not occurring at a high level simultaneously.

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