The body’s program

The body is programmed to overshoot and then overcorrect, and repeat, with some attenuation in intensity, as often as necessary until balance is restored. The body simply cannot respond exactly proportionally.

Consider the immune system. By its programming, it over-reacts. It creates too much of a lot of substances, including antihistamine and too much chlorine bleach, so much so that the bleach spews out of the cells and damages the connective tissue. One of many things we can do to help the body over-react to this overshooting by immune system cells is by giving the body excess of vitamin C (simulating what is done by an animal who MAKES vitamin C – when the animal is sick, it makes two or more times the usual huge amount it makes per diem), which reduces these substances, yes, both histamine and chlorine bleach.

Vitamin C’s antihistamine activity is extracellular and due in part to activation of the copper, vitamin B6 dependent-diamine oxidase.


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