Is it really surprising that diabetics suffer from overactive glucagon?

I don’t think so – the body will find its balance points, somehow, some way, if it is still able to.

A lifetime of unbalanced insulin dominance, so typical with our insane diet format consisting of 3 meals a day plus snacks, naturally leads to impaired insulin activity coupled with constitutive, unbalanced glucagon activity, which means too much sugar production by the kidneys and liver, while they are still healthy enough to do so.

The body will find all of its balance points, as long as it can still do so, no matter how insanely we try to unbalance things.

This means that if the one meal a day plan, which I favor, is insanely unbalanced toward glucagon, I will suffer the consequences of the body’s attempt to achieve a balance. At that point, maybe we will find the true balance point, if one exists, in between.

Instead of guiding diabetics toward a proper insulin glucagon balance – and all other such balance points- with drugs like metformin, doctors treat the imbalance by hammering away at glucagon, in a way doing exactly what gave the person diabetes in the first place, that is, failure to provide sufficient time for glucagon to do its critical jobs, while giving way too much time for insulin to do its critical jobs.


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