Medicine is seriously messed up

Medicine thinks that high blood sugar is the problem in diabetes, when of course it is a symptom of several underlying problems. Diabetes has no cause; consequently, no single change will cure it. But fixing all of the major underlying problems, most of which are deficiencies, would amount to a cure of diabetes.

One of medicine’s favorite “solutions” to diabetes is treatment with metformin. Metformin antagonizes glucagon, a hormone that simply must work properly if a diabetic is ever going to be normal again. Medicine is working diligently to ensure that the diabetic will never be normal again.

In summary:

  1. Medicine misidentifies the problem in diabetes as high blood sugar per se.
  2. The medicine for high blood sugar is a drug that is hypoglycemic and medicine calls this an effective treatment, and it is, given its misconception of the problem.
  3. Said drug seriously impairs the activity of the one of the most important hormones in the body – no one on that drug can ever be normal again.

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