Best anti-inflammatory in the world

Pharmaceuticals don’t work – they are monospecific when they need to be tri-specific. They are trying to do a job in an environment with clearly conflicting signals. Because the body integrates many signals, the body is rarely fooled by conflicting signals. The result is a foregone conclusion – poor performance and nasty side-effects.

A long daily fast – 19 hours or more – allows glucagon enough time to do its very important job. The AMPK that glucagon induces from a fasted state gives consistent anti-inflammatory signals every single day, and total body inflammation decreases. The junk is recycled every single day, and taken out of cells. Fat is burned, mitochondrial respiration -even sugar respiration- is strengthened. Lactic acid fermentation is limited to cells like red and white blood cells that naturally do it and cells like fast twitch muscles that do it during strenuous exercise. ROS (free radicals, reactive aldehydes, et al.) are brought under control and the damage they have already done is mostly repaired, and the trash they were largely responsible for is recycled and disposed of.

When are we going to learn this lesson and stop this pharmaceutical nonsense?


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