My wasted vote for president

I am going to vote for the person most qualified to be president, someone who:

  1. Is a proven leader, tough but fair
  2. Has a very high analytical intelligence and thus one who understands the dialectical nature of the world.
  3. Has a reasonably high emotional intelligence.
  4. Has high integrity
  5. Has the correct priorities (e.g. terrorism is not in the top ten priorities) and establishes the correct priorities for every priority problem. For example, our medical problems. The correct medical priorities re medical conditions and diseases. Top Priority: Prevention. Distant Second: Cure and Remote Third: Treatment. Our priorities have always been just the opposite of that.
  6. Is well-educated, worldly-wise, and articulate
  7. Is practical and thus focused on solutions that can actually work, and is one who demands that pilot experiments be performed before large scale programs are enacted into law and that empirical standards be used to validate that something is working, and is one who will stop doing things that are simply not working.
  8. Is noble – would sacrifice himself and any possible second term to do the right thing, defined as the greatest good for the greatest number.
  9. Such a person is necessarily a write-in candidate – who could only ever win if the majority did the same and voted for him. If we keep wasting our votes on major party but unworthy candidates, we deserve the stupid, ignoble, selfish, self-centered, greedy fools that we who are living in a Juvenal’s Satire keep electing.

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