The bloodstream

The worst place to look for deficiencies and the most commonly used by medicine.

Why? Because a functional blood stream is so critical to the short term survival that is the body’s sole focus.

Vitamin K deficiency has done harm to bones and arteries long before prothrombin time has slowed down.

Copper deficiency damages motor neurons long before anemia appears. Motor neurons take up copper rather poorly; consequently, they need a slow, steady, and adequate supply of copper in order not to fall behind the curve. Once they fall behind, the damage begins and it will continue until proper copper nutrition is restored. In those who do not supplement and who eat low fat as a rule, good luck. You have given up one of the best natural sources of copper (and copper-associated nutrients) – nuts. It is nuts to eat low fat based on science in service of a political agenda, which filters out data that flat out contradict its claims, when the body itself is telling you in no uncertain terms that it LOVES fats, that fats and the compounds fat helps us to absorb more efficiently are definitely good for the body.

B12 deficiency has had psychiatric consequences in those whose logical thinking is already impaired and has had neurological consequences (like the formation of Franken-myelin) long before hematological problems appear.


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