The critical corollary of oxidative stress and high carbohydrate diet

A person under serious oxidative stress is likely to be running degenerative metabolism simply because oxidative stress is one of the key factors that tends to shut down mitochondrial respiration when sugar is abundant, as it is in the standard American diet, and favor sugar fermentation, which consumes no oxygen, sparing limited cellular oxygen supplies for more critical functions. When metabolism is degenerate, in tissues that are hypoxic or pseudo-hypoxic, downstream metabolism promoted by HIF1 is active, and his resting muscles are converting glucose to lactic acid, and in normoxic tissues, his metabolism has been made degenerative by long-term metabolic abuses, featuring sugar fermentation and without much downstream HIF1 activity.

A person under serious oxidative stress who is not on a carbohydrate-restricted diet and who is not running degenerative metabolism – well, that needs investigation.


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