Misleading correlations made by those with a political agenda

Chemically modified LDL is bad and is considerably more atherogenic than LDL.

All unadulterated LDL and all unadulterated cholesterol are good, and the LDL is good even when fully loaded with cholesterol.

Meat per se in the diet is fine.

Unadulterated fat in the diet is fine, even if it is mostly saturated fat.

Adulterated fats such as most trans fats and oxidized polyunsaturated fats are problematic.

High LDL-cholesterol is not a problem if it is predominantly a marker for a diet high in unadulterated fat, as it was in those eating the traditional Polynesian diet.

The higher one’s diet is in meat, the lower one’s diet is in the most nutritious food group, great leafy vegetables, and the higher the diet tends to be in preserved meats, overcooked meats, and unnaturally fatty meats whose fats have bio-concentrated too much man made pesticides, ingested by livestock fattened with non-organic grain that has pesticides in it.

The higher one’s diet is in fat, the more cholesterol one makes. The more cholesterol one makes, the more LDL one makes to transport it. The more LDL one makes, if conditions are wrong, the more adulterated LDL one makes, and thus the greater the odds of getting atherosclerosis.

What are those wrong conditions? Degenerative metabolism: the overproduction of reactive oxygen species, ROS, including reactive aldehydes like methylglyoxal.

So there is an unbroken correlation all the way back from heart disease to the over-consumption of meat, which is not the problem in the least, yet the only real problems are:

  1. The running of degenerate metabolism, ultimately due to three things: A.) Over-consumption of man-made foods with high added sugar and high added fat, and B.) Consuming these foods from an unfasted state, leaving nowhere for the fat and sugar to go. C.) Consumption of more toxins (includes prescription drugs) than the body can safely detoxify.
  2. The inappropriate consumption of pesticide-contaminated meat, overly fattened meat, overly cooked meat, and preserved meats (by being smoked or imbued with nitrites). The role of toxins (and toxins includes prescription drugs) is to derange metabolism in several different ways, partly by aggravating nutrient deficiencies and partly by increasing oxidative stress, whose affect on atherosclerosis is most closely tied to its deleterious effect on the endothelial nitric oxide synthase, producing less NO, more superoxide and more peroxynitrite (a recombination product of superoxide and NO).
  3. The gross under-consumption of the most nutritious food group – green leafy vegetables.
  4. No supplementation or grossly inappropriate supplementation.

With proper supplementation, without the degenerative metabolism (meaning always fasting before feasting and eating only natural foods with no added sugar and fat), and with plenty of green leafy vegetables in the diet, there is negligible real risk of atherogenicity, even when consuming lots of meat, provided the meat is organic, fresh, properly prepared, and never preserved.

How convenient for those with an anti-meat industry bias, that we fatten livestock with pesticide-contaminated grain, overcook meats, and preserve meats. They put science in service of their political agenda, and their claims are not the least wrong. The risk of atherosclerosis indeed correlates with the amount of meat consumed. The only thing wrong with their claims is where they place the blame. It is not meat per se that is the problem, yet it is trivially easy to make it appear so.

The same goes for those – and it is usually the same people – with an anti-dairy industry political agenda.


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