Dr. Cathcart’s advice worth its weight in gold

While he awaited lab results that provided the diagnosis and the prognosis, and regardless of the suspected nature of the illness, Dr. Robert Cathcart used to give a shot of high dose vitamin C and prescribe vitamin C pills to be taken regularly throughout the day during the illness.

After he adopted this practice, for the majority of illnesses, he noted how much better most of his patients fared, how much more quickly they were cured. His patients did way better than those treated by his competitors, who never did this and would dismiss it as a waste of time and money, a mere placebo. But even if it were just a placebo, what is wrong with hastening a cure with a great bedside manner and a little TLC in the form of a placebo?

And even if all the shot was doing was quickly replacing vitamin C stores already lowered by the illness, and thereby reducing the likelihood of a secondary insult to health, was it not wise?


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