Scientists do not trace diseases back to their sources

They tend to stop with natural processes that have somehow gone wrong. This is very unsatisfying, another example of not finishing arguments, just like atheists ending their explanation of our world with mere atheism.

As a rule, diseases are vicious cycles and one has not even begun to understand disease until one has discovered the vicious cycles.

As a rule, nature challenges us and disease has its roots in weakened defenses against challenges from:

  1. Defective genes or defective gene expression, leading to defective proteins or too much or too little of particular proteins.
  2. Defective nutrition (the Standard American Diet is the poster child)
  3. Improper supplementation (e.g. 90 mg of zinc a day, every day)
  4. Lack of fasting – or feasting from an unfasted state; hypophagia; not letting cells better dispose of their trash
  5. Lack of sleep – especially deficiency in CNS detoxification
  6. Lack of exercise – especially failure to create sufficient demand for sugar
  7. Excesses of toxic substances, including prescription drugs, natural drugs, and the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms into the bloodstream, the airways, the mouth and the gut.

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