Mouth pathogens

Mouth pathogens seed both the gut and bloodstream and create considerable chaos in the mouth, the gut, and the bloodstream.

Our key defenses against these mouth pathogens:

  1. Proper nourishment that in turn makes a better germ-inhibiting and germ-killing saliva. 24X7 defense.
  2. Proper hydration that provides a generous 24X7 salivary flow.
  3. Keeping oneself in good health and thus not taking prescription medications, over 60% of which have dry mouth as a symptom. If in poor health, find a natural alternative to prescription medications, like reversing course in one’s lifestyle.
  4. Proper oral hygiene – a momentary, but not insignificant prophylaxis.
  5. Not snacking during the day and eating just one big meal a day, followed by excellent oral hygiene.

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