Mollycoddled students

That’s what today’s psych patients were. Psychological ailments are fundamentally unsound thought patterns. These patients were once students having even more trouble thinking logically than the average student, who is just barely logical enough in his thinking to be “functional.” They and their parents were told that they “have an alternative learning style” and they were mollycoddled through high school, even though they are so illogical they cannot be described as “functional.” What they needed was a military type of discipline and rigorous drilling in logic and math to straighten out their thinking, long before they became psych patients unable to cope with life’s little challenges.

Straightening out groups of psych patients:

  1. Normalize their bizarre lifestyles, including their poor nutrition, their haphazard eating and sleeping habits, and their aversion to exercise in full sunlight and fresh air.
  2. Supplement to repair fundamental neurological deficits and circulatory deficits.
  3. Give them the intensive drilling in logical thinking and math that they were not given in high school.
  4. Then teach them how to think logically about the problems of everyday life that are too much for them to cope with. A group can help here because each individual may have hidden problems that come to light only in the group setting.
  5. Repeat for the next group of psych patients.

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