Military Discipline

What Americans need most right now – starting in elementary school, which should be run by the military, enforcing a military type of discipline on a weak, undisciplined population.

Disciplined eating habits, including fasting. Disciplined exercise. Disciplined study, reflection, and thought patterns. Logical and scientific thinking – and no nonsense. Disciplined avoidance of quick “fixes”. A disciplined search for truth and genuine, lasting results. Disciplined thinking – guided by logic and science.

Without discipline as strong as military discipline there can be no survival as a people, let alone hegemony.

If the Spartans lost their way, it was not because of too much military discipline, but rather lack of flexibility and adaptability. Life is more like water than stone; so one must be adaptable. But if weak, lacking in discipline – what matters it how adaptable one is?

Look at what Leonidas had to face when the Persians were invading Greece: the inflexibility of a people Re: their religious festivals! What kind of gods would rather be honored during a single festival when the survival of the people for all future religious festivals is threatened?

Not an either/or – a clear both/and: Discipline and Adaptability!


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