Type II diabetes

Major problem in type II diabetes and indeed in any degenerative disease: cells – particularly muscles – running degenerative metabolism

Consequence of the major problem: lack of glucose demand by muscles running degenerative metabolism

Minor problem: insulin resistance due to muscles running degenerative metabolism, a key feature of which is high circulating free fatty acids (orphaned fatty acids that would ordinarily be completely combusted to carbon dioxide and water).

Minor problem: liver and kidneys turning lactic acid back to glucose, which plays a key part in maintaining the degenerative metabolism, makes blood glucose artificially higher

Bogus solution: injecting insulin to lower blood sugar – merely sweeps the problem under the rug from the blood stream to making muscle metabolism messier by too quickly forcing in a fuel that muscles do not need.

Genuine solution to all of these problems: reprogram metabolism to feature complete combustion of all fuels, carbohydrates, ketones, fats, and excess protein (above that needed to rebuild tissues and maintain a stable blood glucose).

Fortunately, human metabolism is both flexible and re-programmable.


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