Treating the body like a right idiot

In this case, the bodies of animals who make their own vitamin C and who make about twice as much when they are under duress (defined by the measurable draw down of bodily vitamin C pools. Infectious disease is the best studied example, but medical conditions can also draw down vitamin C pools).

Let’s translate that for the goat: about 13 grams a day, becoming 26 grams a day under duress.

Goats and people are about the same size. If goats are a reasonable guide to our vitamin C needs, our vitamin C needs would be somewhere in the range of 13-26 grams, not about 60-100 mg. Instead of busily looking for evidence of such a need, we rationalize the current RDAs based solely on thermodynamic arguments (vitamin C pools do not increase in size when grams are taken vs just 100 mg) and pseudoscientific experiments that failed to find a clinical use for high dose vitamin C, when none of those experiments used multiple high doses of vitamin C in a validated properly nourished patient population.

Instead of just taking grams a day in divided doses, we ignore the evidence of need. We ignore anecdotal reports of stunning cures of all kinds of maladies with high concentrations of injectable vitamin C followed by multiple daily oral doses of many grams of vitamin C by Dr. Frederick Klenner, Dr. Robert Cathcart, among others, rather than trying to follow the leads to see where they go.

When we do test “mega-dose” vitamin C, we use just one gram in one dose in a population deficient in many other nutrients instead of many grams in divided doses, all day long, in an otherwise well nourished population (with actual metabolic measurements to prove it). Straw men. Of course – too little total vitamin C, too few doses of vitamin C, in a background of multiple nutrient deficiencies (and no actual metabolic measurements) did little or nothing. What are we afraid of seeing?

To these scientists, the goat’s body is a right idiot, making 100-400 times more of something than it actually needs. The evidence points the other way: whenever the body makes something, it tends to make too little to meet its needs. Consider our pathetic synthetic efforts at making enough choline to meet our needs as an outstanding example.

Or are we the right idiots who do not know how to think clearly or are demonstrably incapable of it? Of course we would not see our own deficiency in the latter case.


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