What is the root of depression, paranoia, delusions (including megalomania), obsession (including greed), and other psychological problems but confused thinking?

For doctors to think they can cure a person with monospecific or even bispecific drugs is the height of naïveté and confused thinking on their part.

These people with psychological problems, all psych patients, and their confused psychiatrists need to see a logician, not another psychiatrist or doctor with another specialty.

But first, they need to be prepared to think clearly.

A person with obvious fundamental functional deficits, including neurological deficits (to and from the brain and/or within the brain) and/or fundamental functional circulatory deficits (to and from the brain and/or within the brain and even within nerves), including of course nerve blood flow itself, cannot be cured even if one could directly reprogram errant thought patterns. All of the fundamental and functional deficits obviously must be dealt with first – taurine and B vitamins for a start will help – or there will be no fundamental breakthroughs, no return to clarity of thought – if there ever was any – of course, here in America, there are no records of previous clarity of thought, no real sharable history on patients.

But then what would we expect of a subject, psychiatry, which is not even a science, a hopelessly lost subject, that is positively medieval in its thinking about what makes man tick?


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