Did nature leave us so unprotected? – the never ending vitamin K story

Hypothesis1: Nature did not leave us quite so unprotected with respect to vitamin K. The evidence that it did, that American women produce milk that is clearly vitamin K deficient and that newborns are clearly born vitamin K deficient has an alternate interpretation.

Consider a state of nature – a long time ago, we not only ate a lot more meat, but we ate portions of the whole animal. This includes the liver, which stores the most powerful vitamer of vitamin K – vitamin K2, as MK4-MK13, with the long chains of vitamin K2 being the most powerful forms.

Hypothesis 2: when liver is replete with K2 vitamers, it will begin to release them to plasma, and the tissues will take it up.

Corollary to Hypothesis 2: when liver is not replete with K2, liver releases K1 to the plasma and tissues.

Hypothesis 3: American women are deficient in vitamin K2 because they are not supplementing it (MK-7 or higher is recommended), not taking it with enough fat and emulsifier (like choline) to absorb it efficiently, and they no longer eat liver regularly. In addition, due to a diet that is not omnivorous and entirely composed of whole foods, there are likely common deficiencies in Vitamin K’s ADME network, preventing normalization of vitamin K status.

In the blood and tissues, vitamin K2 has a considerably longer half-life than K1, and therefore, if vitamin K2 is released by the liver in amounts at least equal to what vitamin K1 is currently being released at, vitamin K2 would reach higher levels in plasma and tissues than does vitamin K1.

Hypothesis 4: With a proper omnivorous diet consisting of nothing but whole foods, with a daily vitamin K2 supplement, at least 100 micrograms of MK-7 a day, and likely more, with sufficient fat and emulsifier to absorb it efficiently, women would achieve liver sufficiency of vitamin K2. Caveats: and not too much of interfering substances, such as too much vitamin E or too much CoQ10, which could interfere with this process. If CoQ10 or vitamin E must be taken at high levels, then more vitamin K will be needed.

Hypothesis 5: If women’s livers become replete with vitamin K2 by a proper diet and a proper supplementation regimen, the liver will release the excess vitamin K2, K2 will build up in plasma and tissues during pregnancy, K2 will begin to be transferred more efficiently to the fetus and will be at a higher concentration in milk, thus disproving the alternative view that nature left us unprotected. It is not nature, but we who are to blame.

It could be nature if liver repletion leads to failure to absorb vitamin K2, even when the other tissues are clearly deficient in the vitamin.


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