Curing means reversing course

We are not born overweight, with diabetes or high blood pressure. The disease is probably not genetic, unless it has really slow penetrance. Uncommon. Unlikely.

More likely, our illness is due to doing something wrong over a sufficiently long period of time. Do something aggressively wrong and the problems would develop in the teen years. Do something a little bit wrong and the problems will develop in middle age. Do something a teeny bit wrong and the problems will develop in old age.

If I am middle aged and I am only recently overweight, have high blood sugar and/or high blood pressure, I was doing something a little bit wrong and thus I need only minor modification to reverse course and restore health, although I might regain my health faster if I make major changes, I may also create new problems if I am too aggressive in my changes.

What was I doing wrong? I don’t know – but I would try a bit of everything.

  1. If my diet consisted of mostly animal products, I am going to reduce animal products and add more plant products, and vice versa if my diet was mostly plant products.
  2. If my diet was mostly man-made products, I am going to switch to mostly whole foods in their native and wholesome state. Here there is no sensible vice versa.
  3. If my diet was mostly cooked and reheated food, I am going to reduce cooked foods and add more raw and more cold food (not reheated).
  4. If I avoided a food group or two, like green leafy vegetables and citrus fruit, as many do, I am going to be sure to add them to my diet.
  5. If I did not supplement, I am going to start with a good quality multivitamin. If I supplemented, I have two alternatives: a different, possibly higher quality supplement(s), or stop supplementing.
  6. If I ate 3 meals a day and a snack or two, and ate on a schedule even when I was not the least bit hungry, and particularly if I ate in anticipation of getting hungry later, I am going to cut out snacks (mostly junk food anyway), and eat only when I am famished. If I end up eating only one meal a day, then fine. Who cares? But with only one meal a day I am going to make sure I have top quality nutrition. 50 grams of complete animal protein and at least 50 grams of dark green leafy vegetables a day.
  7. If I avoided exercise, I am going to start exercising, starting out just strolling before eating and then add strolling after eating. Gradually, I will build up to significant daily exercise, both aerobic and weight-lifting, and just as I used to go out of my way to avoid exercise, I am going to seek out ways to exercise a little more.
  8. If I obsessed over things, I am going to get help or help myself stop doing this.
  9. If my interpersonal relationships were rocky, I am going to work hard – but without creating a new obsession – to fix those.
  10. If I guzzled 3 glasses of water a day, I am going to try to sip 3 glasses of water throughout the day.
  11. If I slept 4 quality hours a day, I am going to find a way to get 6 or more without using any drugs.
  12. If I am already taking prescription drugs, I am going to tell my doctor I am going to taper them down to zero. If the doctors say that I could die in the next year before I heal myself if I taper a particular drug, I will taper the rest and take only that one until an alternative can be found. It may just be a matter of time, and if I reverse course, I may not need even that drug anymore.
  13. If I drank 6 or more cups of coffee a day, I am going to cut that down to 3 and sip 3 more glasses of water or freshly prepared vegetable juice a day. In particular I am going to avoid any coffee within 6 hours of bedtime.

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