The pharmaceutical approach vs the natural approach

An illustration with vitamin E deficiency.

One has evidence of a functional vitamin E deficiency.

Pharmaceutical approach: massive doses of vitamin E.

Downside: among other things, interference with the activities of other nutrients. Vitamin K?

Natural approach: avoid massive doses of vitamin E; add larger than normal doses of E, gradually tapering to normal doses of vitamin E, and add larger than normal, but safe doses, gradually tapering to normal doses, of a sufficient number of vitamin E adjuvants, vitamin E accessory nutrients. I know of two – vitamin C (which detoxifies vitamin E radicals and regenerates vitamin E through glutathione, glutathione reductase, and NADPH, which is regenerated by the PPP from glucose) and CoQ10 (which detoxifies vitamin E radicals and regenerates vitamin E through the respiratory chain). There are no doubt many more in vitamin E’s ADME network.

Every nutrient has an ADME network – so there is rarely a need for the dangerous and suboptimal pharmaceutical approach.


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