An algorithm for finding the ultimate metaphysical truths

  1. Start with the data of science.
  2. Model it.
  3. Speculate beyond it – don’t be afraid of your conclusions; finish the damn arguments! If you end in mere atheism, consider mathematical nihilism as just possibly finishing your argument!
  4. Test your metaphysical conclusions against as much scientific data as possible, realizing the limitations of science (for example given the number of assumptions in the calculations, correct within a factor of 2 or so is nothing to get worked up about. An error factor of 10 or more may indicate a more serious mis-modeling, either in your metaphysics or in their science or both).
  5. If there is a clear contradiction, start again.
  6. If no contradictions, stop. You may just have it, you lucky dog!
  7. Of course, we cannot know that you found it, but you just might have.
  8. What others have done and have been lambasted by the logical positivists for doing so [they gave metaphysics a bad name] – ignore science, find bad reasons for what you believe on instinct, as Bradley dubbed “metaphysics,” satisfy your deeply felt emotional needs, be deathly afraid of thinking dangerous or unpopular thoughts, and never test your conclusions for consistency against scientific data. An algorithm for finding the wrong metaphysical answers if ever there was one!

For an illustration of this in action, see my Crazy or Just Crazy Enough to be True?


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