Woefully insufficient fasting

We do not fast nearly enough. Consider:

If a person eats 3 meals a day at roughly 6 AM, 12 noon, and 6 PM, then the total fasting/glucagon period for taking out the body’s trash is roughly 6 hours against 18 insulin/feeding and high level trash generation. This estimate is based on using 4 hours for feeding/digestion + 2 hours for insulin to finish its job and trail off before glucagon really gets going. Note with this estimate of feeding/digestion/insulin times there are 0 hours of fasting after breakfast, and 0 hours of fasting after lunch.

Hypothesis: To reach our peak of health, we need at least 12 full hours of fasting/glucagon activity – So a Fast-6 diet would be minimal – 6 hours of feasting/4 hours digestion/2 hours of insulin activity, followed by 12 hours of fasting/glucagon and taking out the tissues’ trash.


By digesting food faster, one could spend more time feasting, and still spend the same amount of time doing actual fasting.


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