So typical of backwards thinking of medical researchers

“Type 2 diabetes has become an epidemic in our modern lifestyle, likely due to calorie-rich diets overwhelming our adaptive metabolic pathways.” Cell Metab 2011. 14(4):528-536.

Reading this one would think that feasting is new – no man ever feasted before modern man, and as a consequence of modern man’s sinful gluttony, there is the scourge of type 2 diabetes. Smacks of the pulpit.

Feasting is not new and the problem has never been feasting.

What is new and a growing problem is the absence of fasting before feasting. Fasting before feasting prepares the body for the onslaught of calories and largely prevents the metabolic derangements that feasting without fasting promotes.

Deficiency of fasting, not excess of feasting, is the main problem behind modern diabetes.


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