Note on cachexia

If cachexia is an emergency response, a desperate attempt to jump start mitochondrial respiration ( a response to pseudo-asphyxia), then what is the probability that the body will find what it needs to jump start mitochondrial respiration in muscles that have been mitochondrial respiration-deficient for years? Little or none. The body is looking for essential fats and it is finding lots of Meade’s acid. Etc. etc. No wonder it fails – that limitation of a weak body coupled with un-insightful meddling by doctors, who think the sole problem is weight loss.

To stop cachexia, we have to either cure the underlying condition or give the body enough of or a slight excess of what it needs – lots of stuff to jump start mitochondrial respiration, and nothing to inhibit or bypass mitochondrial respiration, which means give it little sugar, which as a fuel, allows the body to bypass mitochondrial respiration, to survive a little longer while continuing to asphyxiate/suffocate, while starving to death.


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