Fasting then feasting

Having a feast such as a 5 hour window of eating lots of calories, fat, carbohydrates, and proteins, is nothing when it was preceded by a fast of considerable duration, such as the preceding 19 hours, and plenty of exercise, both aerobic and weight-bearing.

This is because the flood of glucose coming in from the feast is going to be at least in part used to rebuild glycogen reserves, and because some of the fat will replace lost fat (there is a fat demand by definition when Fatty Acid Synthase has been induced, as it is by fasting), and in general the mitochondrial respiration of the fuels can precede at pace.

In America today, many Americans do not fast – they eat all day, off and on, never allowing glycogen reserves to be depleted, never allowing the complete combustion of sugars, amino acids, and fats, never allowing glucagon to work its magic, stimulating turnover of cell components, good and bad. These and many more processes, stimulated by fasting, are critical to health. Fasting before feasting is critical. Never allowing oneself to feel hunger is crazy.


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