Fasting is as important to health as sleeping

No one denies the importance of sleeping – sleeping is when the brain empties its trash at a high pace (a slow level of emptying occurs all day). Miss sleep and you have brain fog.

Fasting is when the body empties its trash. Fasting is a period without eating, when insulin is low and glucagon is high. Glucagon is the hormone that gets autophagy going at a good pace (it happens slowly during the feasting cycle) – in autophagy cells cannibalize a portion of their contents, good and bad, digest them and recycle the good components and send bad components to waste. Obviously, this is an essential process.

Consuming a single large meal and fasting the rest of the day makes the most sense – as in the Fast Five Diet. Continuous eating, as so many Americans do, is a formula for disaster, in fact for a body filled with trash, which no doubt makes it more difficult to sleep. In a vicious cycle, poor sleep making eating right and fasting more difficult the next day.

Daily calorie restriction is probably not necessary for good health and longevity – but periods of fasting are, and the periods of feasting must meet nutritional needs.

5 essentials for good health, enjoyment of life, and one’s own personal maximum lifespan: sound sleeping, enjoying the eating of sufficient nutritious food, serious periods of fasting (let glucagon do its job!), exercising – both types, and doing everything necessary to maintain psychological health.

Mitochondrial degeneration – could it be as simple as poor nutrition plus not fasting, and thus not taking out the trashy mitochondria?



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