Why the metabolic approach is so attractive

Though our problems are mostly psychological, psychiatry is positive medieval, hardly advanced since the use of trepanation to let the evil spirits out.

When psychiatry finally overcomes its superficiality and really begins to understand the human mind, it will become the first line of attack on problems.

But now – it is metabolism. The term “metabolism” is very broad and it embraces epigenetics as a mechanism of reprogramming metabolism.

Metabolism is both flexible and reprogrammable.

What else is so flexible and so reprogrammable?

Just adding thiamine to a bad diet like the standard American diet relieves thiamine deficiencies, stimulates a more complete combustion of sugar (including the ability to remove the kinase blockade of pyruvate dehydrogenase), and promotes anti-oxidation body-wide by stimulating the pentose phosphate pathway (NADPH is the ground zero antioxidant in the body. Though thiamine is a weak antioxidant, could its role in the PPP make it the most important antioxidant?). Just what the diabetic needs; just what we all need so as not to become diabetic. So many good things from just a single molecule. Imagine what the right cocktail of substances could do, applied at the right doses at the right times.


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