Literature can show us what man could become

With a little effort.

What has literature done? Shown us again and again what man is. Boring! Self-important drivel. Only a moron (like people who believe the Freudian picture of man or are stupid enough to believe that Shakespeare’s Hamlet is Oedipal) needs more of this. My spirit needs sustenance and I am not inspired by what man is now, in the year 2016 A.C.E, or even by what he has become since the species got started hundreds of thousands of years ago.

What is man? Everyone with a functional brain knows that man is a self-important, blind, hubristic idiot, a lowlife, a dishonorable cheat, a reprobate, an emotional wreck, and not much more.

What can man become? Little by little he can become like my human heroes, or even more superhuman, like my namians and zetosophers, and then way beyond them. My heroes and both of my superhuman species are way above, intellectually, morally and spiritually, where we are now, and they have the happiness to show for it. Being idiots, we make ourselves miserable over nothing that is worthwhile.


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