Four types of medical conditions/diseases

In these examples think of hypertension, diabetes, and all of the absorption processes in the gut and all of the reabsorption processes of the kidneys. There are many more examples of these four types of conditions.

There are in theory at least 4 types:

Type 1. Dysmetric, euregulation – measurement (for example, blood sugar or blood pressure) is incorrect, but the regulatory response is correct, given that incorrect measurement.

Type 2. Eumetric, dysregulation – measurement is correct, but the regulatory response is incorrect, and the condition is made worse thereby.

Type 3. Euregulation, eumetric – regulation is correct and the measurement is correct.

How can this possibly be a medical condition/disease?

I think that type 3 is surprisingly common in diabetics, hypertensives, and many other conditions. In the case of diabetes, the body is correctly measuring blood sugar and is increasing it to compensate for an underlying problem (the real medical condition or disease if you will).

For example, a certain percentage of muscle glucose -at rest or lightly exercised- is being oxidized only as far as lactic acid. The more lactic acid produced by a resting or moderately exerted muscle, the more glucose must be in the blood stream to compensate for the deficiency of TCA/OXPHOS. The liver NEVER converts into glucose just whatever lactic acid that enters the liver. There must be elevated blood glucose (meaning extra glycogenolysis and/or gluconeogenesis) because some of the glucose burned in cells is going only so far as lactic acid. This is a programmed response to keep sugar elevated to meet needs, and it is appropriate, and yet many a doctor is interfering with this proper response, when the underlying condition of degenerative metabolism is what needs to be addressed.

4. Dysmetric, dysregulation – measurement is incorrect and the regulatory response is incorrect. This is seriously screwed up and is probably rare, as it might be fatal, particularly in any emergency situation in which blood sugar or blood pressure must be quickly increased to meet demands.



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