Mouse nutrition vs human nutrition

  1. Mouse nutrition lacks little in the way of essential nutrients, while most humans’ “nutrition” is deficient in more than one essential nutrient.
  2. Mouse nutrition is lacking in accessory nutrients, while those humans who focus on enjoying whole foods’ nutrition are in much better shape than mice fed a chemically defined diet.
  3. Those humans who eat largely processed and prepared foods lack accessory as well as essential nutrients.
  4. Mouse food probably contains a lower total toxic load than human nutrition.

Because of these facts, some interesting consequences:

  1.  When mice are overfed sugar, they make fat because they are not the least deficient in the nutrients to make acetyl CoA from glucose (magnesium thiamine pyrophosphate, CoA, NAD+, FAD, lipoic acid, and likely potassium (a general cofactor of intracellular enzymes; 2 potassium ions bind pyruvate dehydrogenase).
  2. Humans are a different story – overfeed sugar and some gets converted to acetyl CoA and fat, but much of it becomes lactic acid because of deficiencies in any or all of the nutrients required to make acetyl CoA.
  3. How and why do humans who overeat sugar become fat? Probably in part from overeating sugar, but also from overeating protein and fat, neither of which do they burn efficiently because the TCA cycle and OXPHOS are relatively less active due to multiple nutrient deficiencies and certain harmful excesses.



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